Atos PR: Atos, a major player in France’s national strategy on quantum technologies


[…] Atos’ contribution to the national quantum strategy will focus on four areas:

  • The development of NISQ simulators and accelerators integrated into hybrid high-performance computing platforms: capitalizing on the Atos QLM and its expertise in high-performance computing, Atos has set the goal of providing a quantum accelerator connected to a supercomputer as early as 2023. On the other hand, innovation in quantum computing is not only about hardware but also about software. This is the direction Atos is taking with the Atos QLM quantum simulation and software development platform.
  • Post-quantum cryptography […]
  • International cooperation: Atos has made working in cooperation with future industrial users a priority of its Atos Quantum program. The Group is involved in several academic projects, notably with the Institut d’Optique and INRIA. In parallel, its expertise and the Atos QLM contribute to several European programs, including the NEASQC (NExt ApplicationS of Quantum Computing) project. As part of the national quantum strategy, Atos intends to leverage the experience gained through these various projects to foster interactions between academics, technology providers and users.
  • Benchmarking […]

Read the full Press Release:

In the foreground, from left to right: Emmanuel Macron and Elie Girard
In the back, from left to right: Cédric O, Bruno Le Maire, Amélie de Montchalin and Frédérique Vidal

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