Atos Technology Days

Partners involved

NEASQC is featured in the programme of the 6th annual Atos Technology Days event! This world-class digital event offers a range of presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, practical use-cases, technology showcases to attend, alongside relevant on-demand content.

NEASQC partner Professor Vicente Moret-Bonillo from University of La Coruña has been invited to take part in one of the sessions dedicated to Healthcare and life science.

The session entitled “Be prepared: quantum computing is coming to your business!” will highlight how significant progress is being made by enterprises to anticipate the business breakthoughs of quantum computing.

From a Healthcare & Life Sciences standpoint, Professor Moret-Bonillo will walk us through an innovative way to model clinical knowledge in oncology. Taking one of the pilot projects of the NEASQC research, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme as an example, he will illustrate the advantages of using quantum computing as a rule-based system to support medical decisions in the diagnosis of breast cancer. For his talk, he will follow the structure of the standard healthcare pathway for diagnosing invasive ductal carcinoma: screening, hypothesis, diagnosis, staging, therapy and evolution and will explain how quantum can help in a very intuitive way, and is suitable to all audiences.

Don’t miss this session: Thursday 8 July 15:40-16:00 CET

Location :
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